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Welcome to the Canine Academy Training School for Dogs

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Sue McMullen’s training programs are individualized for you, your dog and your goals. Our priority is to help you develop a relationship with your dog based on trust and respect that lasts a lifetime. As a Behaviour Therapist, Sue helps you to understand your dog from a dog’s point of view. You will learn how to communicate more effectively with your dog for quicker results.

Positive training techniques are taught for shaping great behavior, teaching obedience skills and addressing behavior problems. Classes are kept small in order to ensure personalized attention and dogs are motivated to learn in a fun and supportive environment. Private training is also available.

Sue and 2 Dogs

Sue McMullen

Instructor CTB (css)

Sue is a born animal lover. By the age of twelve she was already an accomplished equestrian rider. In university she studied animal behaviour. She founded Canine Academy in 2001 and it has grown every year since. Sue prides herself in her unique ability to communicate with both owners and their dogs in developing strong relationships. Her expertise is now in high demand. She lectures regularly at Sheridan College and is a mentor/ trainer for the Animal Behaviour College of America. A born teacher, Sue now offers a Certified Trainer Program for those who share her passion to work with dogs. She lives with her daughter Maddy and shares her farm with 4 dogs, 1 cat, 2 pigs, 5 horses and one very special donkey. For more info email Sue McMullen at sue@canineacademy.ca

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Carla Clarke

Carla has been a trainer at Canine Academy since 2004. She is passionate about helping owners tap into their relationship with their canine family member using positive training methods. Carla has been involved in dog sports and dog training for over 20 years. She has titled dogs in Formal Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility and Confirmation. She is owned by 2 Belgian Shepherds and a Pug.

Teresa Lewin

Certified Sport Detection Judge, executive board member SDDA Award winning author, lecturer, workshops & mentor Co-founder / VP of Doggone Safe Inc., Co-founder/creator, Doggone Crazy! See full bio at www.nobiteme.com

Kajsa Johansson Milner

Kajsa graduated the student trainer program in 2014 and has now returned to Canine Academy as a permanent trainer. She finds it especially motivating to help dogs and their owners enjoy each others company to the fullest, both in sport and everyday life. Kajsa shares her family with Moloss cross Chewy and Dobermann Clutch, whom spend their time with hiking, scent detection and IPO.

Photo: Stephany Wade

Melissa Ruf

Melissa Ruf joined the Canine Academy team in 2009 and brings with her a passion for working to create a positive relationship between people and their dogs. She shares her life with her Boxer, Cavalier and Shih Tzu X Poodle and loves to spend her time enjoying the outdoors with her canine crew.Favourite dog sport Skijoring with her Boxer.

Our Facility...Experience it!

Our facility is nestled on a 14 acre property with breathtaking views of the escarpment. We offer both indoor and outdoor training facilities. The lighting, acoustics and non-slip flooring in our new 2,500 square foot indoor facility was designed with you and your dog in mind. Our huge outdoor training area is fully fenced for safety and lighting for night time training under the stars. We have ample parking, washroom facilities, a kitchen and a sitting area with a warm fireplace.


What Others Say About Us

"Very professional and easy to comprehend."  •  "Thank you for super guidance."  •  "Everything was great. I never thought my dog would do so well so fast."

"I enjoyed the class very much. When I was about to give up, you inspired me to keep going."  •  "Great space, I will highly recommend."

"I wish there were more people in the world like you."  •   "Your facility is awesome."  •  "Excellent instruction - always positive."

"Great, great atmosphere to learn."  •  "Very very pleased, you have a wonderful program."  •  "Excellent program, you trained me well!"

"This unique program combines theory and the necessary hands on training that has allowed me to become self employed doing what I love. Highly recommend this program to anyone in the pet industry.”

“The teacher training program at Canine Academy has been so valuable to me! Before attending I worked with animals as a dog walker and wanted a comprehensive program to take my knowledge to the next level. The program was the perfect combination of textbook learning, discussions, and hands-on experience. I have received opportunities after doing this program that I would never have dreamed of, including dog training jobs in Toronto and a role as the lead pet specialist of a popular website. Sue and all of the other teachers are wonderful about supporting your goals and your own personal way of learning and they remain supportive after graduation. It really is a unique training program and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants cutting-edge knowledge about dog behaviour.”

"I can’t thank Canine Academy enough for providing such a terrific program. After retiring from my own business, I heard about Canine Academy’s student program and enrolled. I totally enjoy the weekly meetings, feel challenged, and never tire about learning and understanding what goes on in our canine friends minds. Sue McMullen brings a wealth of knowledge which she shares enthusiastically with her students. Her positive teaching methods have amazing results. I have a much greater understanding of my dog and have been able to share this knowledge with friends and family struggling with their own dog behaviour problems."

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Canine Academy Training School for Dogs

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Dogs Training

Obedience Courses

Level One-Basic Obedience

The level one program is designed to help your dog become a well mannered canine companion both in and outside of the home. We achieve this by teaching basic obedience to you and your dog.
Classes run weekly and are one hour in length. In order to ensure personalized attention, classes are purposely kept small. There is additional time after class to discuss training concerns and answer any questions.
Goals upon completion of level one are:
   • To greet people and dogs appropriately.
   • Come when called under various distractions.
   • To ignore objects upon command.
   • Maintain a stay in the sit and down position.
   • Loose leash walking.
   • Family Dog Obedience

Level 2 and 3

Level 2 and 3 build on the foundation work from the level one program to an intermediate and advanced level. These skills include;
   • A further understanding of hand signals.
   • Better communication and focus between dog and owner.
   • Distance recalls with finishes under greater distractions.
   • Loose leash walking and formal heeling.
   • An introduction to canine dog sports (fun agility).
   • Sphinx Drop
   • Off Leash Leave it

Private Training

We offer private lessons for owners who prefer one-on-one attention. Private lessons are available at the academy or in your own home.

Canine Sports


Agility classes are designed to promote a fun and enjoyable environment for you and your family companion. It’s a great way to physically and mentally exercise yourself and your dog.

Rally Obedience

Rally obedience is a new sport which combines aspects of obedience and agility. Owners and dogs perform obedience skills set out on a mapped course.

Sport Of Scent Detection

Sporting detection is the fun version of scent detection. It allows your dog to use its natural ability to discriminate odours in the environment.


Have you ever thought of dancing with your dog? If you have then freestyle is for you! This sport is a mixture of tricks, obedience training and dance that allows for creativity between you and your dog.

Behaviour Consultation

If your dog is exhibiting unwanted behaviour, we can help. We offer private Behaviour Consultations to treat any behaviour problem.

Professional Dog Trainer Program

Canine Academy offers a Certified Dog Trainer Program. This program combines theory with hands on experience at Canine Academy.

Are you interested in a career working with dogs?


Do you simply want to gain further insight into the minds of dogs?


Our program combines theory with practical hands on experience at Canine Academy. Our students have the opportunity to work with and learn from a variety of dogs in various training situations. Our behaviour component teaches students to correctly identify and apply behaviour modification techniques in addressing behavioural issues. Students actively participate in weekly lectures and real life behaviour consults. Student attendance is flexible and all training sessions and lectures are scheduled during evening hours. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the program.

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We Offer Classes Weekday Evenings and Saturdays All Year Round!
Call today to book your class at 905-854-1292 | 519-830-3354.
For more information email sue@canineacademy.ca.

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Canine Academy
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